Chimney Caps

Winters in northeast Wisconsin can be brutal. Nothing takes the chill out of the air like a crackling warm glow from a fireplace or wood stove. Ask homeowners in Appleton, Green Bay, and surrounding communities what one feature of their home they enjoy the most and many will tell you it’s their fireplace or wood stove. 

A fireplace can be the central focus of a home where people gather, but what about the off-season when you’re no longer burning wood? Does activity around the fireplace cease? Perhaps not. Each year Fox Valley Wildlife Control removes many different types of animals and birds from fireplace flues. Chief among the chimney invaders are raccoons. Nuisance calls for raccoons in chimneys peak in April and May when females give birth to their litters. Squirrels and bats are also commonly found in chimneys.

Birds sometimes call a chimney home too. Chimney swifts build nests on chimney walls and are the one bird that can fly straight up to exit a chimney. Other birds aren’t so lucky. Wood ducks, owls, sparrows, and starlings are other species of birds we remove from chimneys that purposely enter a chimney but are unable to fly out.

Our solution to this common problem is a chimney cap. Fox Valley Wildlife Control installs top-quality stainless steel chimney caps to keep out animals, birds, water and leaves.  Chimney caps come with a lifetime warranty and are easily removed to clean the flu.  Protect your chimney from wildlife and the weather plus add value to your home with a stainless steel chimney cap from Fox Valley Wildlife Control.

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