Exclusion Services

When an unwelcome critter invades your home or business the first step is hiring someone to remove the problem animal. Once the nuisance animal is out the focus shifts to keeping other animals out. This is where Fox Valley Wildlife Control excels. We have the experience to know where to look for possible entry points, and then provide the best solutions to keep problems from reoccurring.

There are many ways an unwelcomed animal may invade a home or business and often times animals create their own entry points. Squirrels and mice have no problem chewing through most types of building materials while larger animals such as raccoons use their size, strength, and dexterity to pry open points of entry such as soffits and roof vents. With a little digging, ground-dwelling wildlife like woodchucks, skunks, and chipmunks find opportunities around decks and foundations.  Other times critters like bats and birds simply take advantage of the way a home is built. Architects and builders generally don’t design and build homes with the intent of keeping wildlife out, but there is a solution.

Pond Overflow Pipe – Before
Pond Overflow Pipe – After

Fox Valley Wildlife Control is known for providing quality exclusion products and services to protect your home or business, including:

  • Bat Exclusions
  • Rodent Exclusions
  • Roof Vent Guards
  • Exhaust Vent Guards
  • Chimney Caps
  • Deck Exclusions

From the foundation to the roof we have proven, time-tested products and knowledge that keep wildlife on the outside right where they belong. Fox Valley Wildlife Control is certified and insured so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you hired the right company to help protect your home investment.

For information about our exclusion services, call 920-419-8727.