Following a thorough phone consultation, the next step in solving your nuisance wildlife problem usually begins with an on-site inspection.  The pros at Fox Valley Wildlife Control are trained to look for specific indications as to what type of critter may have taken up residence on your property, and why.  More often than not, when nuisance wildlife moves too close for comfort it is because it has found a nearby source of food or habitat.

We look at each property with an animal’s perspective in mind.  For instance, a squirrel or raccoon is going to have a different view of your property than a skunk or woodchuck.  The same is true of a bat or bird, versus a mouse or an opossum.  While each creature has specific needs, they all need two things:  food and a place to sleep, and it has decided that your property provides one or both.

Our on-site inspection usually begins with a close look at the exterior of your property.  From the foundation to the roof’s peak we look for likely entry points, travel routes, and possible damage to your building. Each type of animal we regularly remove leaves some tell-tale signs behind and with a trained eye we are able to point out problem areas, identifying the wildlife culprit.  Once we know what we are dealing with, we will describe our methods for removal and what damage repair work may need to be performed.

Depending on the species and problem, we also do an interior inspection to look for possible damage to insulation, feces removal, etc.

To schedule your on-site inspection call Fox Valley Wildlife Control today at 920-419-8727.