Odor Control

Some nuisance wildlife problems can linger even after the problem critter has been removed. For these instances, Fox Valley Wildlife Control offers odor control services. Our methods for minimizing odor helps you get beyond the daily reminder of dealing with a pest issue.

The first step to eliminating or minimizing odor is to remove the source. The source of odors associated with nuisance wildlife may be the animal itself, feces, urine contaminated material, or the spray released by a skunk. After as much of the actual source of the odor has been removed there are different techniques and products to attack the remaining odor.

Generally, odors are the product of bacteria and many home fragrance products available attempt to mask an offending odor. The products used by Fox Valley Wildlife Control work to kill the bacteria that causes the odor. We use different types of odor-eliminating products based on the circumstances. Some products are aerosols, while other products are available as liquids that are applied with a misting machine called an atomizer. 

In some instances our odor control methods to cleanse the air of bacteria may include the use of a special piece of equipment called an ozone generator.  Flushing the affected area with as much fresh air as possible also aids in reducing odors. Circumstances where you might need assistance in getting rid of related odors include trapping a live animal, removing a decaying carcass, removing bats, or restoring an attic after damage caused by bats or raccoons

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