Wildlife Removal

When you are in the business of removing nuisance wildlife, every day is different than the day before. Fox Valley Wildlife Control takes a variety of calls.  We exclude bats from attics.  We prevent birds from roosting on top of buildings.  We seal up homes to keep out mice.  And we chase down chippies that find their way into basements.  However, trapping and relocating critters that have become a nuisance to property owners is at the core of what we do most.

We literally have hundreds of traps.  We have traps to catch squirrels sneaking out of a soffit, traps to remove raccoons living in a chimney, traps to carefully take skunks off your property without spraying.   Fox Valley Wildlife Control uses humane traps that allow us to catch whatever is causing you grief!  We approach every job with the same goal:  remove the offending critter as efficiently as possible.  That means having an inventory of traps that are built with specific species in mind.  Many of our traps are custom made for particular applications.  We also have a workshop stocked with dozens of rolls of cage wire and the metal forming equipment to make just about any type of trap or exclusion device that may be needed.

Wild animals find their way into areas you would never think of.  By having a variety of humane capture methods for animal removal, we solve the problem quickly.  Unique problems call for unique solutions.  You can count on Fox Valley Wildlife Control to have the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to solve your wildlife problem. 

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