Flying Bat - wildlife

Ask any homeowner how many bats are too many bats in their home and they will certainly tell you one! The sight of a bat flying around the inside of a home is enough to send some people heading for the exit. Fortunately, Fox Valley Wildlife Control specializes in the removal of bats.

Cities like Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Waupaca and Shawano were built around waterways like lakes, rivers, and streams which is what makes our area so attractive. Bats find it attractive too. Where you have water, you have insects, and where you have insects, you have bats! A colony of 100 little brown bats can eat hundreds of thousands of insects each summer. Bats are very important to our ecology, just not in your home!

Two species of bats that typically find their way into homes are little brown bats and big brown bats. They raise one or two pups each year and both species are protected in Wisconsin. To remove bats from a building Fox Valley Wildlife Control uses a method called exclusion. It allow bats to exit in the evening, but not re-enter. It sounds simple. But bat exclusions are meticulous work requiring trained professionals who understand bat behavior. We tell people there are two ways to do a bat exclusion:  do it right or do it again. 

If you hear scratching in the ceiling or walls, see droppings around your home or suspect a bat problem call 920-419-8727.  Inspections, exclusions, and guano clean-up – Fox Valley Wildlife Control can do it all.