Chipmunk pressing paw against glass window and looking in

They look innocent enough. Small, cute, furry and quick. Chipmunks seemingly blend into the natural backyard activities we enjoy watching.  What harm could possibly come by letting “chippies” tend to their busy chores? Fox Valley Wildlife Control has seen many examples of the damage that occurs when chipmunks are allowed to run rampant.

Chipmunks will create dens under and above ground. Burrowing beneath hard, impervious surfaces is good for chipmunks, bad for homeowners. Excavating stone from under walks and garage slabs creates voids beneath the concrete and leaves it more susceptible to cracking or uneven settling. Chipmunks digging under landscape pavers causes the sand underneath to run out and the pavers to sink, creating a tripping hazard.

A chipmunk will readily take up residence above ground as well. Being a rodent, chewing is one of their favorite pastimes. Chipmunks will readily chew their way into the comfortable walls of homes. Fox Valley Wildlife Control has removed soiled insulation, caches of seeds and nuts and feces from inside walls and above basement ceilings. Dryer vents are another point-of-entry chipmunks are fond of.

With 6-7 babies per litter and sometimes two litters a year, chipmunk numbers can increase quickly. The time to keep their population in check is before the damage occurs. The pros at Fox Valley Wildlife Control have many types of humane traps to remove nuisance chipmunks from your property. We also provide damage repair and exclusion services to prevent future chipmunk problems from occurring. 

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