mouse on a piece of wood

The pesky house mouse is a common nuisance to many property owners.  We field nuisance calls for mice all year long, though once the temperatures drop we get a spike in calls. Mice, like other pests, are all looking for a warm place to be.

Fox Valley Wildlife Control offers different levels of service to address your mouse problems. We have a commercial applicators license and are certified and licensed with the state of Wisconsin. This allows us to offer options not available from other wildlife removal companies. 

Our first step to rodent issues always begins with an inspection of the property. We listen to your concerns then point out what we believe to be problems areas around your home or business. From there we offer a customized management plan going forward.

We approach rodent issues from two perspectives: What are the best options to address the problem that already exists inside and what can be done to prevent future intrusion. With this strategy it is possible to see measurable improvements to the undesirable conditions mice create. A sound rodent management plan generally includes baiting, trapping, exclusion, and habitat modification. We present the options and you decide what’s best for you.

It’s best to stay ahead of the problem and being pro-active lessens the cost in the long run. If you have fought mouse problems in the past, let Fox Valley Wildlife Control help put an effective management plan together going forward.

For professional service at affordable prices call Fox Valley Wildlife Control at 920-419-8727.