Opossum on a fence

Opossums are frequent visitors for many of us throughout northeast Wisconsin. Fox Valley Wildlife Control receives many nuisance complaints for these uninvited guests. If you see a rather slow, lumbering, grayish colored animal with a rat-like tail that likes to hiss and show its teeth, you’re most likely looking at an opossum.

For the most part opossums don’t create a lot of property damage. Rather the concerns with opossums are the health risks they pose. Opossums are known to carry various diseases harmful to humans and pets. They are also host to ticks, fleas, and mites and are of particular concern to horse owners. because they spread diseases in their feces that can be fatal.

Opossums will eat almost anything including dead animals alongside the road, garbage, and bird seed under your feeder. Litter sizes may range from 2 to 12. Shortly after birth newborns take up residence in the female’s pouch and stay there for up eight weeks. After weaning, juvenile opossums may be seen riding on top of the mother’s back. 

Fun fact: Opossums are North America’s only native marsupial. Another interesting fact is that they have 50 teeth – more than any other mammal in Wisconsin. Interesting facts aside, if you have an opossum living under a deck, shed, garage or crawlspace you are probably well-advised to have it removed. 

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