Skunk walking on a wooden deck

This is one critter that doesn’t need to be seen to be recognized! Skunks are by far our most odoriferous nuisance complaint. While primarily a nocturnal critter, more often than not if you’ve got a skunk hanging around you know it.

Fox Valley Wildlife Control begins getting calls for skunk problems in February. This marks the beginning of the mating season. It is common for a single female skunk to attract multiple male suitors. If one skunk too close to your home is a problem, 4 or 5 skunks are real trouble. More is not merrier.

Skunks are members of the weasel family. Female skunks will give birth to litter sizes that usually number 4 to 7. It is common to see juvenile skunks out during the day as they begin to wander outside the den. Fox Valley Wildlife Control has removed litters of skunks from under sheds, decks, retaining walls, crawl spaces, and garages. Skunks will also move into abandoned woodchuck burrows. Why build your own home when somebody else will do it for you?

Skunks are both opportunists and omnivores. As spring turns to summer a skunks’ attention usually turns to grubs, their preferred food source. Their grubbing activity, digging many funnel shaped holes in the lawn, can ruin a yard in one or two nights. Fox Valley Wildlife Control uses a trapping method where we can almost always remove skunks without them spraying. Our guarantee is you get our best effort. We don’t like the smell either.

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