a coiled snake on a rock

For some homeowners the sight of a snake near their home is too much to deal with. Fox Valley Wildlife Control understands the reaction to snakes. Most people simply don’t know a lot about them and really don’t care to learn. What they DO want to know is how fast can you get here to remove this huge snake from my yard?

The two most common snakes we get nuisance calls for are the pine snake and the garter snake. The pine snake in particular is quick to get people’s attention. It’s appearance alone can be intimidating. It is a sizable snake with distinctive markings. The pine snake also has an aggressive disposition. It commonly coils up and when it feels threatened will flick its tail back and forth. For these reasons it is often mistaken for a rattle snake, although it is not venomous.

Garter snakes don’t cause quite the same level of anxiety that pine snakes do, but often times it is the number of garter snakes that scares people. Garter snakes are easily identified by a pale tan or green coloring with light stripes running the length of their body.

Spring and fall brings the most number of snake calls. These are periods when snakes are traveling either to or from a communal den where they spend the winter. If you have snakes that hang around your house during the summer it is likely due to the availability of food and/or habitat. 

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