Squirrel on a roof

Fox Valley Wildlife Control receives more calls for problems caused by squirrels than for any other type of nuisance wildlife. Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh and surrounding communities have an abundance of squirrels! The most common species found in our treetops include eastern gray squirrels. We also have plenty of red (pine) squirrels and flying squirrels while many homeowners also report seeing black squirrels in their neighborhoods. Technically, black squirrels are eastern gray squirrels that have a genetic trait called melanism. Melanism causes the pigment in their skin and fur to be dark colored.

Squirrels give birth to their young in the spring and early summer. Most squirrels will have a litter size of 2 to 7. Some eastern gray squirrels may also have a second litter in late summer. Juvenile squirrels grow quickly and love to play and chase each other. If you have juvenile squirrels in the attic or soffit of your home they are not bashful about making their presence known. Peak squirrel activity usually occurs early morning, early evening and sporadically throughout the day.

Squirrels may den in attics, soffits, sheds or chimneys. Like most rodents, squirrels are chewers. They chew through siding, aluminum soffits, vents, or wood to gain entry to a desired area to nest. If you think you may have squirrels in your home, you want them out as soon as possible. Our methods for removing squirrels are fast and effective. 

To schedule a squirrel inspection, call Fox Valley Wildlife Control at 920-419-8727.