Woodchuck Removal

Woodchuck in grass

Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, are one of the special critters we get to work with. When you have your own holiday and a movie named after you, Ground Hog Day, you’re special. As a matter of fact, woodchucks are so special that we reserve special traps just for them.

Fox Valley Wildlife Control fields calls all summer long for woodchuck complaints. Woodchucks generally just want to be ignored and left to go about their business. Unfortunately, their business consists of causing destruction and mayhem to otherwise nice yards and expensive landscaping. Woodchucks will consume your flowers, plants, and vegetable gardens. Not that they are particular – they like a variety of green, lush, growing plants – but the ones you buy, plant and take care of usually taste the best.

The other common complaint with woodchucks is their digging. Few critters in Northeast Wisconsin can move mounds of dirt and stone as quickly as a woodchuck. Preferred burrow sites are usually under a concrete patio, garage slab, deck, shed or alongside a foundation. This damage can lead to concrete cracking, buildings settling, or water not draining away from your foundation like it should.

Female woodchucks give birth in spring to litters typically numbering 3 to 5.  Juveniles grow quickly and are usually on their own by mid-summer. By late fall, woodchucks are getting ready for a long winter slumber. They are one of Wisconsin’s few genuine hibernators.

In addition to removing woodchucks from your property, Fox Valley Wildlife Control also offers exclusion services to keep woodchuck problems from reoccurring. Schedule your appointment today, call 920-419-8727.