Fox Valley Wildlife Control, founded in 2005, is a locally owned and operated nuisance pest and wildlife control company. Our animal control team identified a need for quality wildlife removal services in the Fox Valley, Green Bay, and throughout northeast Wisconsin. We set out at the time to provide professional, responsive service to homeowners and business owners who were experiencing conflicts with intruding wildlife. After 14 years of business, our animal control experts still begin each day focused on treating customers much like we would like to be treated ourselves.

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We are the Animal Removal Experts!

Our animal removal experts have a commercial applicators license. In addition, we are certified and licensed with the State of Wisconsin to safely and effectively remove various species of animals. Wildlife can invade homes and businesses by way of chewing, burrowing, nesting, or any other nuisance, destructive behavior. Below are just some of the animal species we remove. These include squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, bats, skunks, mice, birds, spiders, insects, and more. Please read more information below to see how we remove these animals, or give us a call at (920) 419-8727 to get animal removal pricing!

Squirrel on Roof - wildlife


The squirrel is the most common nuisance animal we receive calls about. The Fox Valley area is home to many squirrels, including the Eastern gray squirrel and Red (or Pine) squirrel. If you are experiencing an issue with chewed siding, aluminum, soffit, vents, etc., contact us today.

Raccoon - wildlife


Perhaps more than any other animal, the raccoon has adapted well to urban life. These “backyard bandits” can wreak havoc on soffits, siding, insulation, attics, chimneys, or your garage. If your home or business has been raided by raccoons, look no further than Fox Valley Wildlife Control.

Flying Bat - wildlife


Bats are an unsettling creature to discover in your attic. If that’s you, please do not hesitate to contact us to remove the bats from your residence. Our certified animal control experts thoroughly understand bat behavior and the exclusion method to safely remove them from your home.


Especially in the colder months, Fox Valley Wildlife Control receives many calls to remove mice. House mice are a common nuisance for many home and business owners. If you notice droppings, chewed items, or small hidden nests, these are sure signs of mice living in your house.

Skunk Removal


This easily recognized member of the weasel family is, of course, known for its distinct odor. Fox Valley Wildlife Control often removes whole litters of skunks from sheds, decks, crawl spaces, garages, etc. We utilize a trapping method that safely removes the skunk without it spraying.



Every year in Wisconsin, birds are responsible for literally tens of millions of dollars of building damage. Causing health and safety risks to people, you will need certified professionals to help remove the nuisance birds from your property. Contact our animal control experts today.