Fox Valley Wildlife Control is a locally owned and operated nuisance wildlife and pest control company. Back in 2005 we identified a need for quality wildlife removal services in the Fox Valley, Green Bay, and throughout northeast Wisconsin. We set out at the time to provide professional, responsive service to homeowners and business owners who were experiencing conflicts with intruding wildlife. After 14 years we still begin each day focused on treating customers much like we would like to be treated ourselves.

Flying Bat - wildlife


Ask any homeowner how many bats are too many bats in their home, and they will certainly tell you one!  The sight of a bat flying around the inside of a home is enough to send some people heading for the exit.

Raccoon - wildlife


Perhaps no critter has adapted to urban life as successfully as the raccoon.  We have removed plenty of these “backyard bandits” from homes and businesses throughout northeast Wisconsin.

Squirrel on Roof - wildlife


Fox Valley Wildlife Control receives more calls for problems caused by squirrels than for any other type of nuisance animal.  Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh and surrounding communities have an abundance of squirrels!