Bird Removal

Each year nuisance birds account for tens of millions of dollars in damages to buildings. Birds are also responsible for serious health hazards and safety risks to people. Very few companies are specifically trained to provide solutions to bird problems. The pros at Fox Valley Wildlife Control are certified in the areas of bird damage assessment, abatement techniques, installation of bird barriers and deterrents, and clean-up of bird feces and nest removal.

With the exception of pigeons, European starlings, and English house sparrows nearly every other bird is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. There may also be state laws and additional federal protections afforded to many bird species. Fox Valley Wildlife Control can assess your bird problem and explain what options are available to you. We can also help you apply for federal permits where appropriate.

Nuisance birds are very persistent when they’ve identified a preferred roosting or nesting location. Their population can quickly increase to daunting numbers. As bird numbers increase, so does the level of damage, accumulation of feces and their reluctance to leave. Bird droppings are a serious health and safety issue. When wet, bird droppings get very slippery.  They are also linked to over 60 transmissible diseases. Acidic bird droppings are corrosive, causing damage to buildings, cars, and equipment. Nesting material also poses air-borne hazards to people.

Depending on the bird species and the degree of pressure, there may be multiple options for alleviating your bird problem. 

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