Animal Damage Repair

When nuisance wildlife wants in, it’s usually on their terms.  If a critter can find a vulnerable part of a home or building to take advantage of they usually will. Just as often, an animal will create its own point of entry creating damage to your investment.

Rodents like mice and squirrels have sets of teeth made for chewing through obstacles. Building materials including vinyl, wood, rubber and even aluminum can be breached with enough chewing, time and motivation. Other animals such as raccoons simply use their strength and dexterity to pry open entryways. Fox Valley Wildlife Control can usually repair or replace damaged areas such as soffits, fascia, and attic vents. We also offer exclusion products to keep similar problems from reoccurring.

Fox Valley Wildlife Control provides attic restoration services to repair damage caused by raccoons and bats.  We have specialized equipment that vacuums contaminated blown-in insulation to a refuse container located outside.  After the contaminated insulation and feces have been removed, we deodorize the attic space, then re-insulate with new insulation. Our methods cause minimal disturbance to you and your family and restore your attic to like-new condition.

For complete wildlife control and animal damage repair services, call Fox Valley Wildlife Control at 920-419-8727.

Attic – Before

Attic – Before

Attic – After