Muskrat Removal

picture of a Muskrat

Muskrats are one of several species of aquatic mammals that Fox Valley Wildlife Control works with throughout the year. Spring and fall usually see the most activity as these furry swimmers disperse along the many waterways across northeast Wisconsin. Flooded ditches and dikes serve as thoroughfares as muskrats seek out new territory. It doesn’t take much water to attract their attention. Small ponds on private property or larger municipal storm water retention ponds suit a muskrat’s needs just fine.

Absent of actually seeing a muskrat in or near a pond, their nuisance behavior usually gives their presence away. Muskrats like to dig what are called bank dens. The entrance to a bank den is typically 4 to 6 inches in diameter and usually under water. You’ll know there is a bank den underfoot when you see the soil erosion and the turf above collapse, creating a hole and potential safety hazard. Muskrats also dig bank dens into the sides of berms, which compromises the structure. Muskrats are vegetarians and enjoy feeding on lush lawn, cattails, and other aquatic plants. Their appetite is not only destructive to plants, but also poses a risk of blocking overflow pipes.

Muskrats breed during the spring and summer months, giving birth to 6-7 young. Females may have 2-3 litters a season so their numbers can increase rapidly.

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