Raccoon - wildlife

Perhaps no critter has adapted to urban life as successfully as the raccoon. Fox Valley Wildlife Control has removed plenty of these “backyard bandits” from homes and businesses throughout northeast Wisconsin. We’re frequently asked how raccoons are able to cause so much damage. The answer: raccoons have evolved to take full advantage of an opposable thumb. They have the manipulative dexterity much like people have and can pick up, pull, push, or twist whatever they can grab with their paws. For raccoons opening latches on garbage cans, climbing the side of a house or down a chimney and rolling over a trap to steal the bait are all easy tasks.

Fox Valley Wildlife Control receives the most calls for raccoons in the spring. That is when female raccoons are searching for a den site to give birth to their young. They like warm, quiet and dry places like an attic, chimney, or garage. Female raccoons can be deceptively quiet or as loud as a teenager. Many times homeowners don’t realize they have a house guest until after the little ones start chattering each time they get hungry.

Raccoons can cause considerable damage if not removed. Damage to soffits, siding, and insulation is common. In many instances Fox Valley Wildlife Control can offer repair and restoration services so the damage gets addressed as soon as possible. We also install chimney caps and roof vent guards to help keep raccoons on the outside where they belong. If you have raccoon problems, you need Fox Valley Wildlife Control.

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